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diffuse into the air.

Take a drop of Lavender oil in your hand and smell it. Those tiny molecules are entering your nose and being absorbed by your blood stream! This method of inhaling is a great one you can use quickly and easily with any aromatic oil. You can also place drops of oils in your diffuser and the cool mist will spray them into the air so that you breathe them as you move about your home or office.


apply directly to skin.

Oils are great to rub directly onto your skin. A good place to start is the bottom of your feet. This is a non sensitive area and it should be your go-to place for applying oils to babies! Depending on the need, you can apply oils neat (undiluted) or diluted with coconut, olive, or Young Living's V-6 oil (these are called carrier oils) straight to the location that you're needing it for. When you are applying to babies or children, always dilute with a carrier oil.

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ingest by mouth.

By ingesting oils, you are getting the most benefit of every drop! You can place drops under the tongue, swab the oil on the inside of your cheek, or place drops into a vegetable capsule to swallow. Under the tongue is our go-to method for adults because of how quickly the oils can be absorbed into your body through your mouth. Be sure to check that the specific oil is for safe for internal use first! We also like to add oils into our glass water bottles to encourage water consumptions throughout the day.